Friday, March 15, 2013

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Two Things

Before I start, I sorry I not post for so long. Mom not leave the typey thing on and be away, so I could not type things. Sorry.

First thing: I like to sleep. All dogs like to sleep, and we like to nap (everybody in the whole world should take naps and get snacks, and then everybody be happy. Mom says people fight everywhere but if I ruled, everybody get naps and snacks and then nobody fight!) But sometimes my naps get interrupped. Sometimes the door knocks and I must run and bark. That's OK, it's my job. But sometimes, Mom decides that my nap time is good time to take pictures of me, Kimiko. I do not like to get my pictures taked, because although I am beeyoutiful, it is MY face and I show it to people I love. If she take picture, anyone can see. Once she tried with the little black thing she keeps in her purse (she says it is sell phone, but it can't be phone because it doesn't ring, and I can't get it for her!) but I know what she does when it points at me! I not stupid even when I asleep![editor: that's debatable.]

So one time I was having good dreams about chasing the squirrels that throw things at me, and Mom sneaked up and got a picture. Hmmm.

She says it's pretty good picture of me, but it waked me up, and I was not happy! But then she gave me a treat so it was good after all. But Mom, if you read this, NO MORE PICTURES! (I found button that make all letters big! so there!)

Second thing:
I am Akita, as you must know from blog name. Whole name is Akita Inu. (I am special Akita because I have "papers." I have not seen these papers, but they must be pretty. Or else I peed on them when I was a baby.) Akita Inu come from Japan. Mom says in Japan, Akita Inu are National Monument. I don't see how dog is monument, if I understand that word and I think I do; we should be National Treasures. (Shiba Inu also Monument in Japan, but they are little and foxy and I don't care. So there. Akitas RULE).

Japan is many islands, not one land like North Dakota [um, ND is a state, dear one]. It is waaay west of here; so far west that, Mom says, it is east. That make no sense, but Mom says world is round. That's silly; if it were round we'd fall off! But anyway, it is many islands, and the farthest north one is where first Akitas started. It is called Hokkaido. It was not first Japanese; people there were Ainu, also called Ezo sometimes. They hunted, and they brought wolf-dogs with them wherever they came from (maybe China?) and those dogs became Akita. The Japanese came to Hokkaido, long long time ago, and they had a town, and more Japanese came, and Japanese and Ainu fight, and Japanese win. But Ainu still live there.

Akita Inu are closest dogs to woofs [wolves. sigh.] of all the dogs. Our DeeEnAy says so. The Ainu needed us to hunt (we hunt little things, but also wolves and bears; we hunt in pairs that are male and female and love each other forever, like woof pairs do!) and we guard. We guard towns, and homes, and temples. We are famous for guarding temples, and hunting Japanese Sun Bears [ed: once considered a "pest" the Sun Bear is now almost extinct]. No bear stand against Akita pair!

Japanese people keep Akitas to Japan for very very very long time. Hunderds of years. Maybe more. First Akita to come to America was gift from Emperor of Japan (they not vote then, Mom says; I don't know what that means, but I like being Empress!) to a lady named Helen Keller in 1937. Mom says Helen Keller can't see or hear, but she can smell and taste and feel her Akita's soft coat and the kisses her puppy gave her. Very sad: puppy got sick and died. Emperor must be very good man because he sent her another one. [Ed: Maybe not so good; he ordered the invasion of China, then Pearl Harbor. But that's history.] Japan make many beautiful things. Japanese people love nature and beauty, like Akitas do too. They make careful paintings of mountains and blooming trees with hardly any strokes, not all blobby like other paintings. Mom showed me picture of picture painted by Jackson Potluck [ed: Pollack] and it all blobby. I could make one like that, with paint and brush in my mouf! Japanese much more delicate! They also write beeyoutiful poetry, some called Hi-koo [Ed: Haiku,now] and some that are longer. All must have nature and season in them. They love nature and seesons. They also make pretty pots called Sell-a-don [Ed: celadon; later made in several Asian countries, including Korea and China] that are green. Mom love them; she has many of them. She says not old ones, but pretty ones. One thing she have is Sell-a-don Akita! So Japanese still love Akita!

Mom says after Emperor gave puppies to Helen Keller lady, there was big war, with whole world (almost) fighting. The Japanese soldiers were in many cold places, and all Japanese people hungry. Then very very bad thing happen, badder than war: Emperor make law: they kill Akitas and use our fur coats to line army men coats, and eat us! Can you imagine? Eat Akitas? Were they crazy? [Ed: desperate, more likely.] But one very good man, name Morie Sawataishi, brake law (not a japanese habit, like here!) and save Akitas, and take a bunch to Hokkaido. When war finally ended, only 16 Akitas left in Japan, all in snowy mountains on Hokkaido with Mr. Morie Sawataishi. He saved us. I would not be here at all without him. I think I love him almost as much as Mom. He gave all his life to Akitas, and to saving them and keeping them safe. He still lives in mountains with the babies' babies' (many times) of his first Akitas, and they still go play in snow like I do when the snow is gone enough so they can walk without falling deep in. (It deeper snow there than where I live.) Some American soldiers, years after war ended, smuggled Akita puppies out of Japan. Now Akitas in America, England (mom was there once, but didn't see Akita), and maybe Canada. Maybe some other countries too. Mom says Japanese Akitas and American Akitas are a little different, but that doesn't matter; we all Akita, and we all beeyoutiful and guard our people we love. (Some people say Akita are bad dogs, and start fights and bite. I am here to tell you that if they are bad, really bad, not like stealing chicken bad, then that is because their HOOMANS is bad, and do not treat them right! Akitas love their people; they want their people to be their pack, and live with them, not in pen! They will guard their people, especially little ones, but they do not start fights. They will finish them, though. I have saved Mom twice from people who try to come in our house at night! Bad men!I make them go away. She not let me chase them, though.) [they might have had guns. I didn't want Kimiko to be shot!]

Two real story, not make-up stories, show how much Akitas love their people. One I wrote about before, about how 8 Akitas were left behind in, um, that country at the south pole that is always cold [ed: Antarctica] survived because they knew their person, a Syintist [ed: scientist] would come back for them. One died, one got hurt, but the rest were fine when their person DID come back! (there was movie, but in movie dogs were huskies. NOT huskies! Akitas!). Other story is very sad. In Japan town (Tokyo, I fink) an Akita named Hachiko lived with (OK, Mom) SCIENTIST and love him very much. Every day Hachiko walk with him to train station, where he take train to his job (Tokyo VERY big, bigger than here!). Hachiko go back to the station to wait for his person to come back from work, and they walk home together. Every day. For long time, maybe two years? Then one day, the person not come back on train. Mom says the SCIENTIST died at his work. But Hachiko did not know this, so he waited. He stayed at the train station and waited. For the rest of his life. People felt sorry for loyal Hachiko, and knew why he waited; some tried to take him away, but he would escape and go back to station to wait for his person. So they fed him and gave him water, for all that time. Finally Hachiko died, because his heart was broken without his person. He was buried by his person. Japan government made statue of Hachiko that stands at train station, with plack that tells story of his love and loyalty. If my Mom went away, I would wait forever too.

That's all. I try to post more often if Mom leave typey thng on!
Bye! Kimiko the Akita.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


It has been snowing since two days ago -- really snowing and there's snow eveywhere! I can roll in it and stick my nose in it and toss it and have fun! My dog-friend Lennon next door and I play together, he's on one side of my fence and I'm on the other, but we see each other and race back and forth! Mom says he's a Sibern Husky. He's actually rather slim; I'm not sure I'd call him husky. But whatever.

But before the snow, there was CHICKEN (and not just Milos!). Mom was hungry and went to the store, and she came back and brought in some bags that didn't smell all that great, but then she came in with a bag and I smelled CHICKEN! It smelled cooked and warmed and OH SO YUMMY!!! I couldn't stand it! I jumped on Mom's arm and grabbed it out of her hand, and took it to my den and pulled the chicken out, and by the time she got to my den I already had the plastic off! OOOH that chicken was good! Mom reached for it and I growled. I growled at mom. I'm shamed. Mom said "KIMI!" real loud, and I let her have the chicken back. I'm a good dog, but it was just too much to bear.

She didn't want to eat it, she even said so, with my slobber on it. (Well, I slobber on her face; she doesn't throw THAT away...) But she cut some off with her sharp knife and gave it to me. So I got some chicken. I don't know if she ated the rest or if she threw it away. It would be really sad if she threw it because I would have eaten it all up. [I was worried about the bones cracking and hurting her insides. And I wanted that chicken for myself! Growl at me, will you?! Mom. Hungry.] But it's all gone now, and all I get is more Milo chewy things. they're chicken too. But not as good as warm cooked chicken. If I could I would cry. I very very sad 'bout that chicken. At least I got a little.

But there's SNOW!!! And we haven't had snow all winters and I don't member that ever happen afore. Mom says she doesn't either and she's waaay older than me! So enjoy your weather, dog and hooman friends, and humans, don't forget to give your doggies CHICKEN. And walks. Lots of walks. And snow. And. Oh, Mom says I have to stop now. Bye!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mom and My Food

OK, I know I talk about food and treats a lot, but that's because hey, I'm a dog, and food and treats are important to me. Besides sleeping and walking and chewing on my bones (Mom put them all in my den an I reeelly has LOTS of bones!), the only fun things(besides licking people, especially people who don't want to be licked!) is FOOD. Both in my dish and treats.

Now my friends and Mom know that my favorite treats are my peanuts [a shaped treat with peanut butter in them somewhere.Mom.], but my new favorite is My Low. Or maybe MILO? I don't know. But it's a little dry and it tastes like CHICKEN!! oooooh its gooood. I could eat a whole pack, really I could, all by myself (but I don't share much; Mom does, though). But then Mom said she read the Fine Print (if it's fine it must be goodd,right?) but she said the MILO comes from China. She says this is bad because chickens get sick in China. She said a lot about that, and she was mad. but she still buys it cuz she loves me.

Mom used to give me just one food that came in a green bag [Nutro Sensitive Stomach, if you care] and it was a good food. Then one day she came back from the Dog Food and Treat store with two bags; the green one and a blue one. (yes, despite what people say, we CAN see colors!) The blue one has intersting picturs on it. There are things that look like dogs but mom says they are woofs (which sounds like a dog?)[I said WOLVES, not woofs.Mom] and there are these other two animals I've never seen in person. Mom said one was a deeeeer and one was a boffle. Buffle? [buffalo; technically a bison, if you're going to get snotty about it. That means YOU, Meg] Mom says that woofs hunt deers and boffles and eat them. She says she read FINE PRINT and that deeer meat and boffle meat are first.

Since a long time ago Mom said I was closer to a woof than any other kind of dogs (something about Dina?)[DNA.Mom] I was pretty sure I'd like those meats too. They come in little crunchy pieces like my green-bag food, but they're really goo. So good that I don't want my green bag food anymore. I tried to show this to Mom. I took a piece of the green-bag-food and brought it out to her, opened my mouf so she could see it, then I dropped it on the floor. THEN I went to my bowl and picked a piece of the Woof food, and brought it to her, opend my mouf again, and ate it all up, right in frotn of her. If she can't figure that out, she's not as smart as she things. I thought it was pretty clear.

I still get the green food mixed with the woof food, though. But when I eat it, I take one green food bite from my bowl and take it into the room where my table-den is, just outside the kitchen, and drop the bite right there. Then I eat up my bowl of food. Then I go to Mom and show her that I liked my dinner [she belches.Mom.], and tell her that I need what she calls Doggie Dessert. I likes those -- they are my treats! Dessert is a really good idea. (sometimes she forgets but I remind her. I paw her, wooooo at her, and go to the kitchen. She figures it out, eventually.}

So human friends, give your dogs woof food [Taste of the Wild. Mom.] and make sure to give them doggie dessert. Dog friends, make sure that your Mom gives you good food and dog dessert and treats!!

That's all for now. Until next time!
Kimiko. The Akita. The most beyoootiful one in the world, Mom says. but then, She loves me a lot. And I love her too, even if I don't get just the woof food.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mom and the Tootsie Rolls

Lately when Mom comes home from, well, wherever she goes in her car without me, she brings a bag of these little things she calls "TOOTSIE ROLLS." I don't know what a tootsie is, and I don't like to roll over because of my tail. (It curls onto the tail spot on my back.) But these things look like, well, some of the things in the backyard (yes, I'm embarrassed, but I can't sit on that white chair in the bafroom). But Mom says they are delicious. I wouldn't know; she won't give me any. She says they are choklit and would kill me if I ate them. I know that she usually says that when she just doesn't want to share, but maybe it's true.

First, she would eat one or two, and after each, she would neatly fold the wrapper. (Did I say they come in wrappers? They do.) Aunt Shari said that was a little Oh See Dee [editor: OCD] but Mom did it. And if she ate one or two more, she'd fold those. when there got to be as many as my front toes [8, if you don't count the dew claw] she would throw them away and not get any more.

But then it got to be more than my toes. More and more and more. Mom got a big bag of them, bigger than the others I've seen. She puts the rolls in a bowl-thing on the table in front of her couch, and then she eats them all. Sometimes it seems like they are FLYING from the table to the couch! I try to draw a picture and make it go where I want it to.

She ate and ate and ate, and forgot to fold the wrappers and they piled up and piled up and piled up until they covered up her legs!!! And I didn't get ANY!!! OK, my drawed picture isn't very good, but hey, I don't have thumbs, so don't be mean. Funny thing, though; she hasn't brought more home for a long long long time now!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Life Is GOOD!

Like I said, human readers and dog-friends, life is good. Except we don't have snow and I LOVE SNOW! I am a snowdog! (you know that movie, 8 below? about Huskies stranded on Antarctica for all winter? In real life, they were not huskies, they were AKITAS!) But Mom says to be patient, snow will come soon enough.

Why is life so good? Because over Christmas (I don't know really what that means; Mom tried to explain it, but mostly I think it is about more cookies) CARYN CAME HOME!!!! For those who don't 'member, Caryn is my absolutest bestest human friend (of course I love Mom best, but she's here all the time, except when I stay with Lynn and the BIG dogs [Mom: aka the Kennel...]). She came here to visit me and took me for lots of walks -- I don't know how many because I wasn't counting, but it was LOTS! And she brushed me outside on a really warm but windy day. All my fluff flew away! Mom says because it is so bnorm -- aborn -- strangely warm, I am blowing my coat again. This I don't understand; Mom blows on my sometimes, but she uses her mouth to blow. I am not using my mouf to make my hair come loose. Anyway, it's better when CARYN!!!! brushes me instead of Mom plucking me. Mom, I am not a chicken or a goose or one of those stupid turkey things back of Aunt Shari's backyard (but if you caught one of those and cooked it, I would eat it!). Anyway, it was fun and I'm not so itchy now!

After Caryn left again (I miss her really a lot!), Caryn's Mom and Dad came to take me for a walk! More than once! And Caryn's Dad came all by himself today and I took him for a LONG FAST walk. I'm a good walker, but slow walkers make me crazy. Mom walks me on some of those warm days, and she keeps saying "heal" [Mom: heel...] and I don't remember that word but when I go and stand beside her she gives me little treats, so maybe I should stay a little closer when I walk with her. Treats are almost as good as snow. But Mom walks SLOW. I keep trying to be out in front of her and show her how fast to go, but she keeps pulling me back and giving me treats and walking slow and saying heal. She even makes me stop and sit before we cross the streets! But I get treats for that, too, so it's OK.

Dog friends, tell your humans that a big back yard isn't enough. You need walks with treats! And human friends, remember that dogs need walks (with treats. Little ones are fine). If you can't do it, maybe one of your other human friends can! (Sometimes Mom doesn't feel good and is in bed a lot so she can't walk me; it's good if Caryn's Mom and Dad come then!)

I'm happy to see Caryn and to walk with her and her Mom and Dad, and I'm even happy to be walking slow with Mom. I just wish we had snow. [Mom: I don't, because then it's slippery and even harder to keep up with Kimiko, but I know this warm January won't last, so I'm ready for snow walks. Hope Caryn's parents are, too!] But life is good now, and I think it will get better.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Went on Vacation!!!

First off, dear hooman readers, I will try to rite more hoomany -- humany? -- because Aunt Shari complains that I type funny. Aunt Shari apparently does not read the site "I Has a Hot Dog" or subscribe to get LOLdogs. Then she would recognize my LOLspeak. But OK. I will try to rite rite. [Write right.] (OK, MOM!!!) (btw it is very hard to make big letters like THIS because I only have claws.)

Some days ago Mom was getting ready to go somewhere. She didn't think I knew she was packing stuff, because she does not no how smart I am (but she knows how beautiful I am!). But I new. I was a little concerned. At least one time she left me alone in the house and friends like Caryn or Connie (across the street; Zeb used to live there; I was in love with Zeb. He was bigger than I am! Mom says he is a Great Dane. I says he is a Great Dog. But now Zeb is gone and Connie has a little dog who barks at me. But that's OK; I bark at him!) what was I saying? Oh yes, these friends come and let me out or in and give me food and treats. But that is long time to be all alone.

This time Mom takes me to Lynn's place. She has taken me there before. I love Lynn almost as much as I love Caryn. Lynn is really really nice and she loves me and she knows dog-speak really good. I even like the boys who work there. I run to the back to see if any of my dog-friends are there. Yes! Some of my friends from before are there! And there are some new dogs to meet and sniff and run with. I had a wonderful time! On hot days, Lynn lets me stay in where it's cool. On cooler days I get to run with big dogs. My friend Spike used to come with me sometimes. He was a little dog, Mom had him before I came to live there, but he would go out with the big dogs. He would run a little, then lay down in shade and watch us run and play. Mom said he could not run too much because his heart is too big. I think a big heart is better than a little one. Spike is gone now, and I miss him sometimes. But I like to have Mom all for me! Anyway, I had a really really good time at Lynn's place! I hope I get to go there again soon! Lynn doesn't give me so many treats as Mom does, but playing with my dog-friends makes up for it!

I hardly even missed Mom at all. But don't tell her that, OK?

Oh, and I am a little worried right now. Today a MAN came to the house at lunch time and came in and he had a HAT. (I HATE HATS. NO ONE SHOULD WEAR THEM!!!) Mom and the man talked a long time, and she told me to be quiet when I barked at him. It is my job to bark at strangers, and this man was a stranger! Anyway, then they went out the front door, and they didn't come back for a long time. But then he went a way. I hope he doesn't take my Mom away again.

[Mom: He is a friend from my junior high and high school days; we had a lot of catching up to do, but he is a friend and doesn't live in Bismarck, so Kimiko has nothing to worry about! And she'll get to go to Lynn's again soon, I'm sure. I'm just glad she has a good time there!]